18 January 2018

Quick & easy nail care

I know I'm probably a bit crazy when it comes to nails (hence the whole category Nails on my blog), but I think they are the best accessory I have so I have to keep them in the best possible shape. Most people would just wash their hands, cut nails and maybe put on some hand cream. Not me.
I already wrote a whole post on My nails and manicures (routine) so I suggest you read that too. However, I haven't talked about actual nail and cuticle care. You can do this in so many ways and different products, but I'm here to show you the most simple routine I have for my nails and manicures looking great.

15 January 2018

Hair routine & the best oil combination for perfect hair

Most people I know have been telling me I have pretty hair my whole life (and I thank them for that!). However, most people also didn't notice a huge change through my life regarding my hair as well as I have. Of course. I had really thick and dense hair until I started college. I believe it was increase in stress level that lead to me losing much more hair.
Thankfully, I still have a lot of it and it's quite healthy, but I know what it used to be years ago. Over the years I became really insecure about it and having dandruff for the past 15 years isn't helping. So I knew I had to start doing something to try to repair the damage. After years of different products, I found few that work for me.

11 January 2018

The strongest eBay peel-off mask

This past 2017 has really been all about peel-off masks. There are so many of those, but black ones, with charcoal, have been the most talked about and used as far as I can recall. Also, do you remember all that DIY masks with glue? And every single add you've seen about these?
Well, there's been this one mask in particular that's supposed to be the best and strongest mask out there which will pull out all impurities and make your skin feel and look great. I've found it on eBay (which doesn't necessary mean it's the real thing, but it could be - I'm honestly not sure) cause I didn't have Amazon account to buy it there. I'm talking about Purifying peel-off mask by Shills.

08 January 2018

NYX Slip Tease & Soft matte review

Since NYX came to my country, I've bought quite a few products there. With some other eye products, I'm a huge fan of some of their lipstick products which you can read in one of my previous posts. Today, I have two more I'd like to talk about.
For the past year, I really became a lipstick girl and I truly believe that wearing only a good lipstick can make you look put together in all occasions. I've already wrote a review on 4 different NYX lipstick lines which you can read about in the post My NYX lipstick collection.

04 January 2018

New year - new me | 2018 plans

Last year was the first year I did these plans on my blog so you can read those in New year - new me | 2017 plans. I'll try to make this my series here, but you'll have to wait another year to see what actually happens with it.
Last year I focused only on my blog and everything revolving around it. This year I'll add some of my personal goals and wishes so you could get to know me better. But, of course, I'll have to see what has changed and what I accomplished last year.

01 January 2018

New Year | 2017

Happy New Year!!

I wish you all happiness, love, money, health, power, knowledge...
I wish you everything you need and want!

Thank you for being here, making me happier by reading my blog. I hope we can continue this in 2018 too.

30 December 2017

Empties | 2017

I said before I don't use many products and it's actually hard for me to use something to the end in short period of time. That's why I decided to write yearly empties. You can read my last's year post here Empties | 2016.
Unlike last year, I have photos to show you all products. Of course, I'll write really short reviews of everything if you're interested and I'll also link the post if I've already written a review. I divided all products into categories so it would be easier for you to navigate and find what you're most interested in. Prepare yourself for a long post.

27 December 2017

Blogmas 2017: Recap (December, Blogmas, presents)

I don't know am I suppose to write another Blogmas post after Christmas. I don't think this is how it works, but it's still holiday time, so I'm doing it.
This December has been the most hectic one that I can remember in quite a few years. I'll get into more details and I'll review my own blogging style. I'll also tell you what I got for Christmas and how it all went.

23 December 2017

Blogmas 2017: Holiday nails

I finally got to the nails! If you've been here since the beginning, you know this blog started because of my love toward nail designs. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to manicures so I'm not always satisfied with what I do. However, I always pay extra attention to nails when it's about Christmas.
This year I prepared for this in advanced so I bought my first stamping plates* and all that goes with it. I bought a bunch of them of Born Pretty Store* site cause I was sure they were good. And they are. I also waited for discounts so I got them at lower prices which was awesome. Out of all of the plates I got, I got 3 related to Christmas.